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Kids Have A Blast On the MX500 Electric Dirt Bike

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We had a great Christmas in our house, thanks to theRazor MX500. Our 14 year old nephew had come to live with us after his parents,(my brother), were killed in a tragic car accident on Labor Day weekend.

Needless to say, he took the loss very hard, and it was diificult to get him interested in just about anything. He would spend hours alone in his room, mostly playing games on his computer. He hadn't made any friends in school.

We wanted to give him something special for Christmas, something that might brighten his spirits and stimulate some interest.

We really never thought about an electric bike, and had never heard of the Razor MX500. Until one day my wife and I were driving by our church, and we noticed our pastor's 13 year old son riding some kind of motorized bike in the parking lot.

We stopped the car, and when he came to a stop, we asked him."what kind of bike is that?"
He replied, "It's an electric dirt bike, I just got it. It's a Razor MX500 electric dirt bike!"

Apparently his dad had given it to him as an early Christmas gift.

My wife and I looked at each other, and had the same idea simultaneously. I said to my wife, " Do you think Dylan (my nephew) would go for something like that?"

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I said, "maybe, I really don't know."

So we called our pastor and inquired about the Razor MX500 . He said that he had heard that Electric bikes and electric scooters were real popular, so he shopped online for one.

So he looked at all the best electric scooters, and several electric dirt bikes. He narrowed his decision down to either the Razor MX500 electric dirt bike or the Razor MX350.

He went ahead and decided tobuy Razor MX500.

The Razor MX500 Was The Answer To Our Prayer!

We still were not sure if Dylan would be interested in an electric dirt bike. He spent very little time outside, even in happier times. He had never expressed an interest in sports, either.

We expressed our dilemma to our pastor. Then, he came up with a great idea! He suggested that we shoot a video of his son(Eric), riding the Razor MX500!

I am pretty handy with my video camera, so all in all, we thought it would work!

With Christmas only two weeks away, we would have to work fast!

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March 22, 2014
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